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PostSubject: GM APPLYCATION SUPPORT SERVER.   Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:14 am

Guyz i would just wanted to be a gm to any New or old server!!Here is my applycation!!

1. What’s your name?

2. How old are you?

3. Your Sex?

4. Where are you from?

5. As a GM you must be active daily on forum, are you willing to spend 20 min/1 hour on the forum?
I love forums so if the forum is active i can spend over 1 hour on the forum.

6. How long will you spare your time to the server?
I am availabe at least 2 hours daily and i am very active

7. For how long have you played Lineage?
I am playing L2 for 4(I started at 16 when i saw My cousin playing and i got crazy LoL)

8. Have you ever been a GM on another server?
Yes,I was gm at:L2Cosmos Destiny,La2Tecktonik but server's closed.

9. Why do you want to be a GM?
Well,I want to be a gm 'coz I like helping newbies love our server and Line][age!!I think that it's pretty nice to be helpfull and available when a newbie needs ur help

10. What will you do to improve the server?
I will improve the forum,the communication(i love communicating),and i will be active to punish the cheaters!!

11. Do you know about the GM basics? [Such as the GM rules, How to act as a GM, what actions to do when etc]
I know all the gm rulles and commands!!I also know how a gm must talking to a player!!U'll see in-game, i have read maybe 5-10 times the gm rulez by Google.

12. If someone is insulting you and your family with various things, how would you react and what actions would you take?
First,I'll tell him stop it 'coz it's annoying!!Then I'll tell him that i don't want to punish him but if he keep doing this i will chatban him!!After tha chatban comes the jail,then the report to the admin,and only with HIS PERMISSION i will ban him!!

13. If a near friend of you is asking for items and various, what would you do and how would you respond?
I'll tell him that a serious gm never gives items even the guy who ask for them is his brother!!I won't give away anything,even to my best friend or my br0!!

14. How can we contact you?

15. Is your English level high?
I think that my English level is high, as u see above i can write formal and informal letters!!

16. You know any other languages except English?
I can speak Germany at b2 level,and I can speak Greek Ofc as i am from GR

17. Describe your self in [Max 2 lines]
Well,generally i am a calm guy,not aggressive,I love playing basketball,l2,communicatin and posting at forums!!That's from me!! I hope that ur answer will be positive!!More infos at:st.jimmyspww@hotmail.com
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